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Xero Integration (Accounting)
Xero Integration (Accounting)

Connect BetterHQ to Xero

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BetterHQ can do a lot and is perfect for managing your daily business life, but teamed with Xero accounting software you'll hit the next level of financial management.

Once connected to Xero you can simplify your bank reconciliation, easily track GST and automatically group and push your BetterHQ sales into your chart of accounts – saving time, reducing errors, and helping you better understand how your business is tracking financially. Plus, both apps are fully online so you can access your data on the go.

Benefits of integrating BetterHQ with Xero

Simplified bank reconciliation
Automatically push daily sales from BetterHQ to Xero by payment method, directly into your nominated bank account. Manage GST and income by the chart of account – making it easy to reconcile.

Breeze through your BAS & GST obligations
Any GST recorded in your appointments or merchandise sales in BetterHQ will sync to Xero, so you can easily keep track of your GST obligations – ready for tax time & BAS submissions.

Track your income by product
Your product/service sales are grouped and pushed into a nominated chart of accounts, helping you to get valuable insight into what product or service is bringing the most money into your business.

How to connect BetterHQ to Xero

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Locations > Select Business to connect (you can connect a business to only one accounting integration at a time)

  3. See the Xero integration tile, click 'Connect to Xero'

  4. You will be redirected to the Xero Sign-In screen.

  5. Sign In with your Xero credentials

  6. Give permission to share data with BetterHQ 

  7. You have now connected your accounts, you must now configure the connection so BetterHQ know where to send your data within Xero

  8. You must now complete the configuration

There are 4 steps to mapping your BetterHQ data with your Xero Organisation. Follow these steps to ensure your data will successfully transact to your Xero account.

These are the steps: 

  1. Choose Organisation. If you have more than one Organisation select your Xero Organisation you would like data to be sent to. Then select the Tax code for transactions with tax and without tax.

  2. Click Next

  3. Now, Map BetterHQ Payment Methods to Bank Accounts in Xero. We've listed your BetterHQ payment methods on the left and fetched your bank accounts from Xero on the right. Select the Xero bank account you want each payment method to map to. Once done any actual payments received (e.g. Cash, Visa, MasterCard) and recorded on your invoices will be sent to your nominated bank account in Xero.

  4. Click Next

  5. Create a consolidated Chart of Accounts across BetterHQ and Xero. We've listed your BetterHQ Chart of Accounts methods on the left and fetched your Chart of Accounts from Xero on the right. To create a consolidated Chart of Accounts, move BetterHQ Chart of Accounts items from the left that you would like to use in Xero by clicking on the arrow or dragging the item across to the consolidated Chart of Accounts list on the right. Once added, they will appear at the top of the consolidated list under the title 'Added'. You can also remove Chart of Account options within your consolidated list by deleting them. Once this Chart of Account list on the right is finalized, the consolidated list will be available in Better HQ and Xero.

  6. Click Next

  7. Map BetterHQ Products to your consolidated Chart of Accounts. We've listed your BetterHQ products on the left (by type: appointments, appointment packs and merchandise), and listed your Chart of Accounts that you finalized on the right. Select the Chart of Account you want each of your products to map to. e.g. your Physio Appointments could be mapped to your Physio Appointment Income Chart of Account in Xero. Once done income from your product sales will be sent to your nominated Chart of Accounts in Xero so you can see sales by product.

  8. Click Next

  9. Your integration setup is now complete and you will see a confirmation popup. 

  10. BetterHQ and Xero accounts are now linked and data will start syncing automatically daily at 12:30am for the day before. 

BetterHQ sends your data to Xero daily as a Manual Journal. This Journal includes the Journal Date, Description (includes location name to differentiate between income from different business locations), Chart of Account for Income received, Payment Methods you have accepted and the GST collected. You can then reconcile the Journal with your accounts.  

Edit your Connection with Xero
You can edit your connection at any time. 

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Locations > Select Business to connect (you can connect a business to only one accounting integration at a time)

  3. See the Xero integration tile, click 'Edit Connection'

  4. Step through the same connection steps above. 

  5. Once done the connection data mapping will be updated

Edit Mapped Payment Methods
You can edit your payment methods in BetterHQ with your bank accounts in Xero at any time. You can do this by editing the connection as above, or;

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > 'Mapped Payment Options In Xero' pod

  3. You can edit the mapped payment methods

  4. Save

Map a New Payment Method in BetterHQ to Xero
If you add a new payment method to BetterHQ:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Add Payment Options

  3. Add new payment options

  4. Save

  5. Go to Settings > 'Mapped Payment Options In Xero'

  6. Select the Bank Account you want this new payment method to be mapped to in Xero

  7. Save

Note: If you have added a new bank account to Xero and you want to update this to your BetterHQ Payment Options you will need to Edit Connection.

Edit how BetterHQ Products are mapped to Xero Chart of Accounts
Once you have connected to Xero, all your products will have a new field in their settings 'Xero Chart of Account'. This is the Chart of Account that any product sales will be sent to. 

To add or edit Chart of Account associated with Product:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Products

  3. Select the product to edit, or add a new product

  4. Edit the Chart of Account, or add a new Chart of Account to the product. Any new Chart of Account added here will be added to Xero and your BetterHQ consolidated Chart of Accounts.

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