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SMS and Email Settings

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SMS Settings

To access your SMS Settings, go to Settings > Messaging > SMS. SMS Settings allows you see your accrued SMS charges and set details for any outgoing SMS so your customers know who messages are coming from.

In the SMS Setting box:

  1. The number of SMS that have been sent this month

  2. Total Cost this month - this shows you the amount billable in your given subscription period for SMS charges. SMS are charged at AUD $0.15 (15 cents) per SMS sent. SMS are calculated on credits, with each credit including 159 text characters.

  3. SMS From - Do you want some extra branding when clients receive your SMS? In this case, update this to include a name that the SMS will come from (Sender Details e.g. Your Business Name). Your client will see this. You have a maximum of 11 characters (a-z, upper & lower case). If you leave this blank, a random number will be the default sender detail viewable by your client when they receive your SMS.

  4. Default Phone Country Code - Use the dropdown menu to select the SMS country code.

Email Settings

To access your Email Settings, go here or go to Settings > Messaging > Email Settings. Determine what name and address you would like your messages to be sent from. By default, emails will be sent from the team member name and with the team member email.

  • Auto form send on booking - When you add any appointment to your calendar you can share one or more forms with clients by email.

  • Appointment reminder - When you add any appointment to your calendar you have the option to also set one or more automatic appointment reminders to be sent to your clients.

  • Immediate Confirmations - When you add or edit any appointment you have the option to also sent Immediate Notification.

  • Marketing emails - You can able to sent one or more Marketing emails to your clients.

  • Email Invoice from Payment screen - You can able to sent an Invoice to one or more emails from Payment page.

  • Email Invoice from Invoices table - You can able to sent an Invoice to one or more emails from Invoices page.

  • Online Booking Confirmation - When a client booking an appointment through online, an automated conformation mail sent to that client.

  • New Client Welcome email -When a client is created, an automated welcome mail sent to that client.

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