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Stripe Integration (Payments)
Stripe Integration (Payments)

Accept Stripe payments in BetterHQ

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Connect BetterHQ to Stripe to seamlessly collect online payments in seconds, so you can get paid faster!

Stripe is one of the world’s leading online payment service providers helping out individuals and businesses to accept payments. Increase your revenue with payment options built to reach a global audience.

In BetterHQ, Stripe Payments can be made 3 ways –

  1. Accept credit card payments for any sale from the payment screen for real-time payment processing. There's no credit card terminal needed, simply add card details and process to get paid instantly.

  2. Clients can pay when making Online Bookings. When clients book into your clinic calendar via online booking, clients can pay using their credit cards. Funds from the online booking sale are processed and deposited into the linked Stripe account.

  3. Include a 'Pay' button on outstanding invoices. Clients can pay outstanding invoices from a ‘Pay’ button on emailed invoices, with payments processed by Stripe.

To use our Stripe integration you will need a Stripe account. Get a Stripe account >

How to connect BetterHQ to Stripe

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Connect BetterHQ to other apps 

  3. See the Stripe Payments tile

  4. Add your Stripe 'Publishable Key' and 'Secret Key'. Check out this help article by Stripe to find your keys 

  5. Save

To accept Stripe payments for online bookings 'Online Booking' must first be set up in your account. 

Once you have setup online booking, these are the steps to accept Stripe payments: 

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Manage

  3. Select 'Require Payment for Online Bookings'

  4. Save

  5. Once you have done this, online payments 'Powered by Stripe' will be available for your clients when they book online into your calendar. 

What will the client see during online booking payment?

It's easy for your clients to pay for appointments using Stripe when booking online. 

  1. When Stripe is on, a new small payment form 'Add payment details' will be added. The form includes these details: Name on Card, Credit Card Number, Expiry (MM/YY), CVV

  2. When these details are added by your client and they click 'Pay & Confirm' the payment will be processed in real-time.   

  3. Funds will be sent to your Stripe account

  4. Your client will be taken to the Confirmation screen with a successful payment message.

A client has paid for an appointment online using Stripe, what happens now?

  1. An Invoice will be sent directly to the Client once they have booked and paid using Stripe. There will be no remaining balance for this invoice. The payment method recorded will be 'Stripe - Online Booking', you can report on this payment method in the payments report.

  2. You will need to CONFIRM the appointment either by clicking on the appointment in the calendar or going to the 'Pending Bookings' screen and confirming. 

  3. After you have confirmed the appointment, the appointment will be marked as 'Paid' in the Calendar & Invoices screen. The appointment will also be updated to the Paid Appointment Colour if there is one setup. 

View & Manage BetterHQ Payments in Stripe

  1. Once the payment has been processed you can see the transaction in your Stripe account. 

  2. Payment will be seen to the value of the appointment and with some details on the client and the date of the appointment. e.g. ClientFirstName ClientLastName - Online Booking 9/03/2020. The email address of the client will also be added to the transaction details.

Add a payment button to Invoices

Getting outstanding invoices paid is now faster with the BetterHQ Stripe Integration. Here is how to add a payment button to invoices:

  1. Go to 'Integrations

  2. On the Stripe Integration tile, add the Publishable and Secret Key, and select the 'Add payment button to Unpaid Invoices'. 

  3. Click 'SAVE'. 

  4. Once done, all unpaid invoices will now have a PAY NOW button. 

  5. Email the invoice to your client. 

  6. When your client opens the Invoice PDF, and clicks PAY NOW, they will be directed to a secure payment page. They can enter their credit card details and process the payment.

  7. Once your client has processed the payment funds will be available in your linked Stripe account & a paid invoice will be automatically emailed to your client.

  8. The same invoice will be listed automatically as Paid on your Invoices tab

  9. The payment will appear on the Banking Report and be labeled 'Stripe - Invoice'.

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