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How BetterHQ manage uploads and attachments
How BetterHQ manage uploads and attachments

We secure attachments and ensure we store them in your region

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Making sure that any uploads and attachments are secure & available is an absolute priority for us. 

We store all attachments that you upload against a client to Amazon S3 within the region you specify on sign up. Before the first attachment has been uploaded, you'll be asked to specify which region you want the attachments stored - Australia (AU), United States (US) or the European Union (EU). 

Once you have selected the region you can't change this at a later date. 

Select the region to store the uploads and attachments, click SAVE.

All attachments that are then uploaded will be stored securely in the region specified.

Why do we use Amazon S3?
There's a few reasons, here's a short list: Industry-leading performance, scalability, availability, and durability. And there's unmatched security, compliance, and audit capabilities.  

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