1. Sign In, or Sign Up to BetterHQ

  2. Go to the Integrations page

  3. Click the Connect button under Zoom integration tile, it will redirect to your Zoom account and ask for authorization access "BetterHQ is requesting access to your Zoom account" You can decline or accept it.

  4. Click authorize button, you will be redirected to our integration page with success Authorization message.

  5. You are ready to create zoom meetings from our app.

  6. Then go to the product page

  7. Then select a product which you want the Zoom meeting

  8. Then enable the Zoom meeting for the selected Product

  9. Then SAVE

Uninstalling the BetterHQ Zoom Add-on

1 . Login to the Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the BetterHQ Add-on

3. Click BetterHQ

4. Click Uninstall

You can create Zoom meeting for these appointment types:

  1. For a New Appointment

  2. For an already added Appointment

  3. Recurrence Appointment

How to create Zoom meeting for normal Appointment

  1. Go to the Calendar

  2. Add an appointment for the Zoom enabled Product

  3. Automatically Zoom is enabled for the newly created account so no need to enable it from calendar (you can disable on the appointment screen at any stage if needed)

4. Then you can SAVE or take payment for the appointment

5. Once Saved, you'll get a email with the Zoom meeting joining link and credentials (Zoom ID and Password). Your client will also get the Zoom meeting join email.

6. You can use the link and credentials to join the meeting

7. If you delete the appointment, the Zoom meeting will also be removed from the Zoom meeting Account.

How to create Zoom meeting for an already added calendar Appointment

  1. Go to the Calendar

  2. You can edit the appointment which you want to add zoom meeting

  3. Then you can enable the zoom meeting manually from the toggle icon in the appointment screen

  4. Then You will get a email with Zoom meeting joining link and credentials (Zoom ID and Password)

  5. You can use the link and credentials for join the meeting

  6. If you delete the appointment, Its also removed from the zoom meeting Account.

How to create zoom meeting for Recurrence appointment

  1. When creating a new Recurrence appointment with zoom enabled , confirm in the Zoom account that is meeting is a recurrence meeting, and notification mail needs to contain all the occurrence dates and time.

  2. When editing a only one appointment of the recurrence appointments and changed date and time or turn off zoom for that appointment, needs to modify the date and time or delete only one occurrence of the corresponding recurrence meeting.

  3. When editing the whole recurrence appointments and changing the date and time, needs to update all the occurrences of Zoom meeting and notification mail go the user and clients

More : For setup Zoom in your account you should follow some basic things :

  1. Needs to enable Zoom option against each product if the product is using for Zoom meetings

  2. Appointment date time should be greater than current time

  3. Zoom option will be available and its “On” in the appointment popup when creating new appointment

  4. For already created appointments, if we need Zoom meeting, edit the appointment and manually ON the Zoom option .

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