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POS Settings

Adjust POS settings to suit your business needs.

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POS Settings can be found here or go to Settings > POS Settings

POS Location:

  • Set a default POS location.

  • If you have multiple business locations set a default by selecting from the dropdown menu.

PIN Settings:

  • Team Member PIN verification - set a PIN for each team member and assign if PIN entry is required when processing sales

  • Choose your PIN setting from the following options

    • PIN not required - select if you do not want to use a PIN when using POS

    • PIN is required only when switching between team members. Team member PINS are autogenerated and can be found by going to Settings > Team Members. You can change your team members' PIN by clicking reset.

    • PIN is required for all sales

Stock Settings:

  • Used to manage global stock

  • Select the toggle to allow the sale of merchandise when out of stock


  • If you have multiple business locations, select a location from the dropdown menu to add Registers

  • If you would like to set up multiple registers, click the red '+Add' button and name the register.

    • For each additional register ensure the 'Active' toggle is selected.

    • Select the toggles for cash management and opening and closing registers for each register.

  • Open and close register toggle - enable the opening and closing of registers here.

    • If selected, when opening POS you will have to click 'Open Register'.

    • When closing the register, select the arrow in the top right hand corner and click 'Close Register' under the corresponding location.

  • Cash management - Track cash movements by register to reduce counting errors, discrepancies and theft.

    • Enter the opening float amount in POS

    • Access 'Cash Management' by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. Add or Remove cash from your float by clicking on the respective buttons. A time stamp is created for any cash that is added or removed from the float.

    • When you close the register or close POS a PDF of your cash movement for the day is automatically created for you to manage your cash.

Edit Mode:

  • Turn on 'Edit Mode' by selecting the toggle in the bottom left corner in POS

  • If your product tiles are enabled, you can reorder your products with edit mode by dragging them into an order suitable for your business.

  • You can change the order that your products are displayed in POS in 'All Categories' as well as for each of your specific categories.


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