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Add Business Details

Set up Businesses & Locations, add Tax options (e.g. GST & VAT), and brand client PDF invoices.

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You'll need to add at least 1 business and associated clinic location to your account.

Better Clinics can scale from 1 business & location to multiple business & unlimited locations in the same account - it's flexible to your requirements.

When you first signed up, you would have added a business name. The first step is to confirm your details. Check your Business Name and Trading Name (if different). Select the business registration details that are relevant to your region (Eg. ABN) or click '+Add' to add, edit or delete custom registration options. Then add your registration number applicable to your business. You can check here.

Note: if you don’t have a business set up already, or you would like to add a new one, click on Add New Business.

Once added you can add/edit your business details, set up your invoice details and delete/deactivate the business.

If you manage multiple locations, you can add unlimited locations by clicking on your business name in your business list, and 'Add New Location'. Complete the details of the location, Save. This location will now appear in your calendars and you can create bookings at this location.

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