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Manage Inventory

Manage the products you sell.

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In BetterHQ, we want to help you manage your business efficiently. One of the things to be mindful of is your merchandise inventory. Below is an easy guide to organise your inventory and see what products are in stock.

To Edit or Add more Stock:

  1. Go here

  2. Or, go to your Product List

  3. Select the product you wish to adjust the stock for.

  4. In the Product Details box, on the 'In Stock' row, select 'Edit Stock'. A pop up box will appear.

  5. In the 'New Stock' box, the value added here will be added to existing stock in hand.

  6. In the 'Edit Existing' box, the number of available stock is stated. You can change this to create the new stock in hand.

  7. You can also select the 'Notification ' toggle on the 'In Stock' row. This will display on-screen out of stock notification icons.

  8. To update the stock of a product with variants, go to the Variants box and click 'Manage'. To manage your attribute stock, select 'Manage attribute stock' in the product variants banner and modify the stock count.

  9. Click Save.

When you sell merchandise items the inventory will be automatically adjusted. If you receive more stock or merchandise, simply update the number.

To Add and Manage Variants of a Product:

  1. Add Merchandise to your Products list here

  2. Or, go to Settings > Product List > Add Product

  3. In the Variants box, select the toggle named 'Product Variants'

  4. Click Manage. The variants pop-up box will appear.

  5. To add an attribute select 'Manage Attributes' from the banner. Create new attributes to suit your business and the products that you sell by typing into the Attribute name box. Attributes such as colour and size are available by default. Click Save.

  6. To assign attributes such as colour or size to your product select 'Assign Product Attributes' in the banner. Click the '+Add Attribute' button. A maximum of 3 variants are allowed. Choose your attribute from the drop down menu and add the possible values of the variant by clicking the '+Add Value' button. Default colours and sizes are readily available for you and can be removed at any time by clicking the '-' button.

  7. Once a product attribute has been assigned you can manage your inventory. To manage your attribute stock, select 'Manage attribute stock' in the product variants banner. Select the 'Manage Inventory on Attributes' toggle. The attributes will be listed in rows. For each attribute add the stock number, barcode, low stock reminder and select the toggle to be shown on POS. As sales are made, the stock count will be adjusted accordingly.

  8. Click Save.


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