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Process Credit Card Payments in App
Process Credit Card Payments in App

Accept credit cards within the app on desktop or mobile for real time payments & processing

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Accept credit card payments for any sale from the payment screen for real time payment processing.

There's no credit card terminal needed, simply add card details and process to get paid instantly.

  1. Go to 'Integrations'

  2. On the Stripe Integration tile, add the Publishable and Secret Key, and select 'Enable Stripe on the payment screen'.

  3. Click 'SAVE'.

  4. Once done, on the payment screen in the Payment Options dropdown there will be an option 'Stripe Payment'.

  5. When 'Stripe Payment' is selected a secure PCI Compliant credit card form will display.

  6. Add the clients credit card details. By default the client name will be added as the 'Name on Card' but this can be changed.

  7. Select the toggle to save the card securely for future payments. Once selected, the card details will automatically appear to be selected and used for future payment from the payment screen.

  8. Once the card details are entered click 'Pay'.

  9. The credit card will be processed for the due amount. If successful you will get a Success message. If there is an error please update the details entered.

  10. The invoice & payment reports will reflect 'Stripe Payment'

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