Receipt Printer

Learn how to connect a Receipt Printer to POS. Printer's include the EPSON ePOS printer suitable for cloud printing.

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Setup Printer

  1. Purchase an Epson Ethernet Thermal printer.

  2. Connect the printer cables and power.

  3. If using USB connection, jump to Step 8 to download the printer drivers.

  4. If using Ethernet connection, connect the printer to the network using the Ethernet cable

  5. Print the status sheet using status sheet button or Feed button

    1. Status sheet method

      1. Check that the printer is turned on. Make sure the roll paper cover is closed.

      2. Hold down the status sheet button (for 3 seconds or longer). The status sheet is printed. After printing, the printer returns to the standard mode.

      3. Status sheet button is a small button found between the Power cable point and Ethernet port.

    2. Feed button method

    3. Check that the printer is turned on.

    4. Open the roll paper cover.

    5. Hold down the Feed button (for 1 seconds or longer).

    6. Close the roll paper cover. The status sheet is printed.

  6. After printing, the printer returns to the standard mode.

  7. Check the IP Address of the printer in the status sheet . Check if it is the default factory ip address and DHCP as No Server

  8. Download and install EPSON Advanced Printer Driver and Utility for your printer from here by entering the printer name

  9. Install the printer using the above driver

  10. When connecting, select ETHERNET in Port Type, Save Settings and do a test print

  11. Check the IP address from the test print. This will be different from the default IP address from the status sheet.

  12. Open a web browser and enter the following URL http://printer_ip_address

    1. E.g. (this is the ip address from the test print on the printer)

  13. An authentication screen will display, Login to the web portal using a username password

    1. The default setting for the password varies depending on the firmware version.

      1. Firmware version - Before 20.03 ESC/POS:

        1. username - epson

        2. password - epson

      2. Firmware version - 20.03 ESC/POS or later :

        1. username - epson

        2. password - the printer’s serial number (found on the underside of the printer).

To check the firmware version and printer serial number:

  1. Close the roll paper cover.

  2. While pressing the Feed button, turn on the printer. (Hold down the Feed button until printing starts.)

  3. After printing the current print status, a self-test guidance is printed, and the Power LED flashes

  4. Briefly press the Feed button (less than one second) to continue the self-test.

  5. The printer prints a rolling pattern on the roll paper, using the built-in character set.

  6. After “*** completed ***” is printed, the printer initializes and switches to standard mode.

  7. When the details are correct, you should have access to the EpsonNet Config pages.

Enable ePOS Print

  1. Click the ePOS Print option under ‘Configuration Network’

  2. Select ENABLE

  3. Note down the Device ID from this screen

  4. Click SEND

  5. Once SENT, Restart the printer (turn off and on). The printer is now connected to your network and available for use.

Set up SSL Certificate:

  1. From Configuration > Network > Security > select SSL/TLS

  2. Click 'Create' of Self-Signed Certificate

  3. In the Subject field, enter the ip address of the printer

  4. Click Create

  5. From this screen select the same values and click send. If the reset screen appears, select reset.

POS Settings

  1. Go to Settings > POS Settings

  2. In the POS Settings box, go to Printer Settings.

  3. Select a location

  4. In the adjacent boxes, fill in IP address, Port and Device ID.

    1. The device ID is the value obtained from ePOS print.

  5. Save. You are now ready to print from the POS screen.

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