Here’s some ideas: create tags by referral source, sport played or by client interest. In just one click, you can sort your clients by sport or client interest.

Use tags to group and sort your clients – the tags for each client are unlimited!

To tag a client, simply “add a tag” when completing their client details
For e.g. type your tag, such as rugby > hit Enter > Save.

When you’re in the “Clients” overview, you can filter your clients selecting Filter > Search in Filter by tag the Tags tab. You can export this particular set of clients.

Messaging using Client Tags

Head to Marketing > Filter by Tag

When you add a tag to the filter box, you can drill down into your clients list by tag or your inactive clients by the months. Send marketing communication or simply get in touch with your inactive clients with their contact details i.e. email or phone number at your fingertips.

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