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Tyro Integration (Payments)
Tyro Integration (Payments)

Get paid fast! Connect BetterHQ to Tyro for EFTPOS payments

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Why connect BetterHQ to Tyro?

The BetterHQ + Tyro integration offers you a seamless and reliable solution for payment processing and health fund claiming, allowing you to accept more payment types including contactless payments with 99.9% EFTPOS uptime!
Once connected, your appointment information links directly to your integrated EFTPOS machine resulting in payments on the spot, faster transactions, fewer errors and a better customer experience. 

Tyro has 98% coverage of the insured population meaning that the majority of health fund claims can be easily and quickly processed!

Getting started

  1. Enable Tyro. Login to BetterHQ and navigate to the main menu and under Integrations click “Connect BetterHQ to other Apps”. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Connect Now' to enable Tyro.

  2. Add a terminal. Once enabled you will need to add your first terminal. Click 'Add New Terminal' and fill out the form, then click 'Create'.

  3. Assign team members or edit terminal details. To edit or view terminal details click the 'View' button. In the Terminal view you can assign any of your team members by clicking 'Assign Team Member' button and completing the required details. You can assign a different MID name and MID if required.

Pairing Terminal

You will need to pair the terminal with the Browser you are using before you can process payments. If you change computers or browsers, you will need to re-pair the terminal. You will need to pair with each Terminal that you would like to use.

You can do this in the Tyro settings page or on the Payment screen when you are in the process of taking a payment. 

Option 1 - Tyro Settings

  1. Go to Tyro Settings view and the select one of the Configured terminals.

  2. On the Terminal view follow the steps under Pair Terminal heading1. On the Tyro terminal, tap Menu, then Configuration2. Select Integrated EFTPOS, then Pair with POS3. Click the button [Pair] (in the browser)4. On the Tyro Terminal, tap Start (or Retry if you have already attempted to Pair)5. Once finished select Stop on the terminal until you arrive back at the main screen. Force Re-pair - If you would like to repair just follow the same procedure outlined above, it will force re-pairing of the terminal.

Option 2 - Payment & Refund View

  1. On the Payment or Refund view click on "Select TID/MID" upon selecting a TID/MID you will be prompted to pair (if you have not paired already) Force Re-pair - If you would like to repair you will find a gear icon above the "Select TID/MID" drop down. Select a TID that you would like to re-pair, then click the gear icon and select the check box to start the repairing process.

Option 3 - Re-pair your terminal
If have already paired but have experienced a connection issue of some sort you may need to re-pair the terminal. See force re-pair in the two previous options.

Taking Payment

Pairing your Terminal
If this is the first time using a particular TID/MID you will need to pair your terminal.
On the payment screen select your terminal "Select TID/MID". If you are prompted to pair, you will need to follow the steps to pair. If not you are already paired and ready to go.

  1. After selecting a TID/MID, on the Terminal select the menu (below 7) > Configuration > Integrated EFTPOS > Pair with POS > Then select Start.

  2. The text on the Payment screen will update with a status of success. If successful, cancel out of everything on your terminal by repeatedly selecting the [stop] button until back to the start.


  1. Click the EFTPOS button to begin the transaction. The terminal should ask for you to swipe your card to start the transaction.

  2. Once complete click PAY to complete the payment.

EFTPOS Refunds

You can issue a refund for any EFTPOS transaction.
NOTE: You will need the Terminal password to issue any refunds.

  1. Click on the SALES link in the top navigation bar, then select Invoices.

  2. Any EFTPOS transactions will have a [Refund] button next to them.

  3. Select Refund and then select the TID/MID that was used for the transaction. The full amount will appear in the field, you may enter a lesser amount if you wish.

  4. Click the Refund button and follow the terminal prompts to issue a refund.

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