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Delete an Invoice

Every so often you may need to delete an invoice below lists the steps required to delete both paid and unpaid invoices from BetterHQ

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  1. Go here

  2. Or go to the Invoices tab

  3. Locate the invoice you wish to delete > Select the 'Actions' button > 'Delete Invoice'

  4. If the invoice has already been paid you will first need to 'Void' the payment before you can delete it.

  5. Select 'Edit Invoice', the Pay / Invoice screen will launch

  6. Click 'Void' to 'Remove payments from this Invoice'. This will remove all payments associated with this invoice.

  7. Once 'Voided' select 'Delete Invoice' from the Invoice dropdown or 'Delete' from the Pay / Invoice window.

  8. A confirmation alert will appear stating 'Are you sure? Delete this invoice?' click 'Delete' to proceed with the deletion. Note, this is not reversible.

  9. The invoice will now be deleted and completely remove from your account.

  10. Once an invoice is deleted the invoice number assigned to the now deleted invoice will not be reused and will be archived.

  11. Deleted Invoices can be found on the Invoices tab, Here or Invoices > Invoices > dropdown filter > Deleted.

    Deleted Invoices are listed for reference only and can only be export as a PDF to view a copy.

You can also Delete an Invoice by following the steps outlined above from within the Invoices tab of a certain Customer record.

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