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Message Delivery Status
Message Delivery Status

Track the status of your email and SMS messages to your clients!

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BetterHQ offers real time delivery status information. BetterHQ allows you to send messages to your clients via email or SMS. Messages can be used as reminders for Appointments/Classes/Due Payments or as a Marketing tool to send information to your clients. The status of your messages to your clients can easily be checked on BetterHQ to ensure that your clients receive all necessary information.

To Check the Status of All Email or SMS Messages:

  1. Go here or go to Marketing > Sent Messages

  2. You can also check the status of emails or SMS messages to a particular client by selecting a client from your client list here. Once selected, click 'Messages' in the client's banner.

  3. The list of sent messages are ordered from newest to oldest.

  4. The first column states the name of the client that the message has been sent to

  5. In the second column the status of message can be seen. For emails it will either state "Delivered", "Bounced" or "Dropped". For SMS messages it will state "Delivered", "Rejected" or "Undelivered".

  6. The third column states whether the message was sent as an "EMAIL" or "SMS".

  7. The fourth column shows the subject and email address or phone number the message was sent to.

  8. The fifth column shows the date and the time the message was sent.

  9. By clicking on the 'View Message' button you can view the message that was sent.

  10. If the message was sent as an email, the last two columns will show the number of times the email has been opened and the number of times the email has been clicked or viewed respectively.

Filter your Messages

You can filter your messages using the dropdown menus in the banner.

  • First dropdown menu: filter by ALL, Scheduled or Delivered

  • Second dropdown menu: ALL, Email or SMS

  • By DATE using the Calendar icon

  • Client name or mobile

  • Searching the Client's first or last name in the search bar

Email Statuses

Delivered - Email has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.

Bounced - Receiving server could not or would not accept mail to this recipient.

Dropped - Email may have been dropped due to a number of reasons. Check the email address before trying again.

SMS Statuses

Delivered - Confirmation of SMS delivery has been received by the upstream carrier and / or the destination handset.

Rejected - The message was successfully submitted to the carrier for delivery, but has actively been refused.

Undelivered - After attempting for a period of time, the carrier has failed to deliver the message to the destination handset. Please confirm the recipient's number is correct, the handset is on and within reception range.

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