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Group & Class Bookings Online
Group & Class Bookings Online

Create & schedule classes, allow clients to book into classes online

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BetterHQ has group & class bookings which means we have your scheduling needs covered. You can also enable online class bookings for your clients using the BetterHQ online booking features.

BetterHQ supports 2 types of multi-client or Group bookings - 'Group Bookings' and 'Classes' and there's a small difference between the two.

Group Bookings - group bookings are normal bookings that can have more than 1 client in that booking. You simply add more than 1 client into the appointment from the appointment screen. You can create any 'Appointment' services as either single or group of clients.

Class Bookings - class bookings are a type of product/service in BetterHQ and allow clients to book online into these classes. So if you run outdoor training, group classes (or other!) and you want your clients to book online in these classes this is for you.

Learn how to create and schedule classes as well as allow clients to book into classes online below.

Step 1 - Add a Class Product

  1. By adding a Class to your Product list you can then schedule this class into your calendar. Once the class is scheduled and in the clinic calendar, clients can be added to it, or they can book online into that class.

  2. Click here OR go to 'Settings > Products List and click 'Add Product' button.

  3. Add the Name of the Class

  4. Set the product type as 'Class'.

  5. Then complete the remaining class details including cost, custom product category (e.g consults), whether tax is applicable and add a description if you like. Save the new class.

  6. Assign Locations for the Class - if you have more than 1 Location, you can decide if you want all locations to sell the Class, or just 1. Select the locations that can sell this Class.

  7. Assign Team Members for the Class - if you have more than 1 Team Member, you can decide if you want all Team Members to be assigned to the Class, or just 1. Select the Team Members that can sell this Class.

Step 2 - Add the class to the calendar

  1. Head to the calendar, click on the date and time where the class is to be scheduled

  2. The appointment screen will popup

  3. Complete the details for the Class scheduling

  4. Select the Class from the 'Select an appointment' dropdown

  5. You can choose to add clients at this point or not.

  6. The number of clients allowed in the appointment depends on the 'Maximum Clients' settings for this class.

  7. Save

  8. Note: you can add clients at any stage by editing the Class and selecting the clients to add to the class. You can see at any stage the number of clients in a class by hovering on the class, or clicking the class to see more details on the class appointment popup.

Step 3 - Share online booking so clients can book in online

  1. First off, to allow clients to book classes online, Online booking needs to be set up and activated. Learn how to set up Online Booking for your business >

  2. Once online booking is active and you have shared your online booking link on your website, Social pages or Google Places listing (or other), when you clients click to make a booking, they select the Class they want to attend.

  3. Then your clients select the date and time of the class, add their details and complete the booking.

  4. Note: when clients are selecting their preferred date and times, they can click the options to see the number of spots remaining or available for each class.

  5. When a client completes the booking, this online class booking will be immediately confirmed and included in the clinic calendar. There is no approval process.


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