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Multi Bookings

Need a group of appointments or services under the single client booking? You can do this with Multi Bookings

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If you would like to include two appointment types within one booking or have a linked appointment utilize the BetterHQ Multi-Booking feature.

E.g. You're a beautician & you offer pamper packs. These pamper packs may consist of multiple services i.e. Hair Wash (30 mins @ $40), Hair Styling (45 mins @ $60) & Manicure (30 mins @ $50). So a total 'Multi Booking' time of 1.45 hours with a total cost of $150.

Instead of adding a new appointment for each service, multi-booking allows you to add the new appointment/s inside of the existing client appointment so they are all linked.

To Create a Multi Booking:

  1. Create a new appointment, and select the main appointment you want (we will call this the masterhead appointment)

  2. Once you select the masterhead appointment, click the plus icon + to the right of the dropdown 'Add Linked Appointment'

  3. Another appointment ‘Select an appointment’ dropdown will appear. Select the Linked appointment and continue adding the new appointment.

  4. You can add 1 or more linked appointments.

  5. To remove linked appointments click the 'Remove Linked Appointment' - icon to the right of the Linked Appointment you want removed.

  6. You can add notes for each Linked Appointment by selecting the Notes Checkbox 'View Notes'. This allows you to add specific notes per appointment. This will be recorded against the appointment.

  7. Once you add more Linked Appointments, the total pricing will update accordingly in the header (top right) to be the value of the 2 or more appointments.

  8. The overall time of the appointments will update automatically to account for all linked appointments.

Multi Booking Details

  • Online Booking

    • Linked Appointments can't be made by clients using Online Booking. They can make masterhead appointments where you can then add additional Linked Appointments once the original online booking has been confirmed.

  • When saving the overall appointment, including any sub-appointments. it will appear as one appointment in the calendar.

  • Invoice

    • When a Multi booking is made, we only add the masterhead appointment to the sales row and any associated appointments (sub) will not be added as separate sales row items. The sales row would show the total price for all items in the appointment (masterhead and sub appointments).

    • When creating the invoice, we also list the sub-appointments and the price of each sub-appointment on the invoice. If the invoice needs to be changed to remove some of the sub-items, this must be done on the appointment screen first. Not on the invoice screen.

    • You can’t delete sub-appointments from the payment screen. You can add past/future sales & additional items (like we do now on the payment screen) to the same invoice.

  • Appointment Popup

    • The appointment popup from the calendar will include a list of all sub-appointments.

  • Payment

    • The masterhead appointment and all sub-appointments will also be listed on the payment screen.

    • Note you can’t delete sub-appointments from the payment screen. They must first delete from the appointment screen.

  • Reporting

    • Masterhead and any linked bookings will also appear in reporting.

  • A Multi Booking pill will appear on multi-bookings in the Sales table.


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