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Client Credit

Clients can add credit to their account to use for future purchases and appointments.

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BetterHQ gives your clients the option to add credit to their accounts. You can apply a credit to a client's account for them to use at a later date. Client credit can be used to pay for any appointment or merchandise purchase.

To Add Credit to a Clients Account:

  1. Go to your client list

  2. Select the client you would like to add credit to

  3. Click on "Credit" which is located below the client's name and beside the Paid/Unpaid sales

  4. A manage client credit pop-up screen will appear, enter the Amount ($) of credit. Select a Team member and add any notes.

  5. Click save

How to Use Client Credit:

  1. When paying for an appointment or merchandise, the payment pop-up screen will appear.

  2. Click the "Use Credit" button which is located beside the Split Payment button.

  3. Your client's credit will then be applied and added as the payment method.

  4. If the credit amount ($) is enough to cover the payment due it will be used and deducted from the client's remaining credit.

  5. If the credit amount ($) is not enough to cover the payment due, a split payment will be made. On the second payment method row, use the Payment Options drop-down menu to select your additional payment method.

  6. Select your provider using the drop-down menu.

  7. Click pay.

Click here to learn more about how to process all payments.

To Check a Clients Credit Balance:

  1. Go to your client list

  2. Select the client you would like to add credit to

  3. The client's credit balance is shown in green next to "Credit".

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