Once you have a cash drawer, connect it to BetterHQ by following these steps:

  1. Select the toggle to enable 'Cash Drawer'.

    1. When enabled, each payment method will have an option to set the opening of the cash drawer when that specified payment option is used.

  2. Select the 'Open Drawer' toggle if you would like to include an 'Open Drawer' button on the POS Register screen. This can be enabled or disabled for each Register.

  3. Drawer Kick-Out. Using the dropdown menu select the Connector and ON Time.

    1. Connector - select the connector type (Pin 2 or Pin 5)

    2. ON Time - select the speed of drawer opening pulse

    1. Against each payment option there is a 'Enable Cash Drawer' toggle. Select what payment options you would like the drawer to open for.

    2. When the options are selected, when a payment is made using these selected payment options, the draw will open automatically.

  4. Click SAVE


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