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Product Pricing by Team Member
Product Pricing by Team Member

Enable team member pricing to set different prices of products for different team members.

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BetterHQ allows you to set different prices for your products (Appointments and Merchandise) for each of your team members. If different prices are set on the product details page, clients can see the prices of your product for each team member when booking online. The adjusted team member pricing will then change in all areas of the app; Payment screen, Appointment screen, Invoicing, POS and Online bookings. For example, this feature means that you can adjust the pricing of products for your team members depending on their experience ie. a more expensive product for a more experienced team member. Any past sales using Team Member pricing won't be changed if there is an update to the Team Member pricing.

To set product pricing by team member:

  1. Go to Settings > Product List

  2. Select the product you would like to adjust the pricing for or if the product is new select '+Add Product' in the top right hand corner.

  3. Go to the 'Pricing and Tax' box

  4. Set the Price for your Product and select the Tax from the options provided.

  5. Select the toggle to enable team member pricing.

  6. Once selected, go to the 'Assign Team Members' box to adjust the pricing.

  7. Enter the price you would like the product to be sold at for each team member in the corresponding textbox, the default price will automatically be added into the textbox. If the product is free or the sale is for $0 check the corresponding checkbox.

    1. Note: a pricing field will only be added to active team members for that product

    2. If the user does not change the price for a team member, the default price will be used for any sales.

  8. Save


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