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Set up Appointments & Merchandise
Set up Appointments & Merchandise

Adding and managing the items you sell in BetterHQ is easy and centralised.

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There are 3 product types that you can set up in BetterHQ.

  1. Appointments (single appointment)

  2. Appointment Packs (set of appointments)

  3. Merchandise (like water or a yoga mat)

Adding products allows you to record sales of each appointment or Merchandise.

You need to add products as BetterHQ uses them to link to your client sales, appointments, and reports - and of course, it's what you sell.

You need to add Appointment type products so you can choose these at the time of making a new booking. On the new booking screen, you will need to choose a product from the Product dropdown. This then links this particular product or package to this appointment, automatically filling in the duration and cost of the appointment (we try and automate as much as we can to avoid double data entry).

You need to add Merchandise type products as you sell tangible goods also, like Salon/Barber stock (shampoo, conditioner), Handyman (spare parts), or anything your particular business sells. BetterHQ allows you to sell and record payments, and create customized invoices for all sorts of goods.

How to Add Products

  1. Click here.
    Or, go to 'Settings > Products List

  2. Click the 'Add Product' button.

  3. Add the Name of the Service or Product.

  4. Then complete the Product Details including

    1. Type (Appointment, Appointment Pack, Class or Merchandise)

    2. Custom Product Category (e.g consults) - add one or many categories to a product. This will help to find products faster and categorize products for POS

    3. Appointment Duration

    4. Maximum number of Clients - Set a maximum client number for appointments. Once set, if more than the maximum client number is added a warning will be shown, you can then choose to continue adding the additional client or not.

  5. Pricing and Tax - Set the Price for your Product and select the Tax from the options provided.

    1. For appointments, select the toggle to enable 'Team Member Pricing'. If team members have different pricing for this product, enable team member pricing. You'll then be able to set different prices for different team members. Once selected, go to the 'Assign Team Members' box to adjust the pricing.

    2. For merchandise products, select the unit, precision and price per unit.

    3. For merchandise products, select the toggle to enable 'Cost of Goods Sold'. To track Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), enable this setting, you can then set both the COGS and sell price to track margins. Add the cost, tax options and description.

  6. Assign to Locations - if you have more than 1 Location, you can decide if you want all locations to sell the product, or just 1. Select the locations that can sell this product.

  7. Variants - Select this toggle for products that have different variants, like colour or size. You can also manage the stock for your merchandise with variants by clicking the 'Manage' button. Learn how to manage your product variants here >

  8. Assign to Team Members -

    1. Select the appointments the team member can be booked for within the calendar be clicking on the corresponding toggles. If you have more than 1 Team Member, you can decide if you want all Team Members to sell the product, or just individually select the Team Members that can sell this product. i.e. If you don't want Sarah (your physiotherapist) to be booked for the Massage appointment service you're adding, don't select Sarah. The appointment then won't be listed when adding to the calendar.

    2. Select the appointments that clients can book online with this team member by clicking on the corresponding toggles.

    3. Allow editing of product details by business and location managers - select the toggle in the top right hand corner of the 'Assign to Team Members' box if you would like a team member with lesser permissions to edit the product details. By default, the edit feature is off.

    4. For appointments and classes, if team member pricing is enabled in the 'Pricing and Tax' box, enter the price you would like the product to be sold at for each team member in the textbox. If the product is free or the sale is for $0 check the corresponding checkbox.

  9. Save

Other Options when Adding Products:

  • Favorites - Favourite your appointment products so they then appear at the top of your appointment list when making a new appointment. A great way to make appointment setting faster when you have a lot of services on offer.

  • Archive - Archive a product you no longer sell quickly, switch the product from 'Active' to 'Archived' and Save. All historic sales will remain, but this item won't be included in your Appointment/Service list when making new appointments, and the same for selling Merchandise.

  • List in POS? - If the product added is Merchandise or an Appointment pack, this can be selected to be Listed In POS. Select the toggle.

  • Inventory (In Stock) - Add inventory counts for products. Every time an item sells the counts will adjust to give real time inventory counts.

  • Product Description - Add a product description for clear identification.

  • Show Description on Invoice - select this checkbox if you want the product description to display under this item on a client's invoice.

  • Product Colour - Select a colour for the Appointment box in the calendar

  • Reminder template - Customise the reminder template for the appointment type. When you schedule an appointment, the reminder template selected for the product will be used.

  • Add Product Image - Add a product image and the image will appear on your Retail Point of Sale.

  • Online Booking Product Name - If you want clients to see a different product name when booking online, other than your default, add that name here. This allows you to have internal referenced name and a friendlier client product name for online booking.

  • Online Booking Product Description - If you want to add a specific description for Online Booking.

  • Display Product Image in Online Booking - Select the toggle if you would like the product image to be displayed when clients book online.

  • Set Appointments for First Time or Returning Clients - In Step 1 of Online Booking clients can select if they are a First time or Returning client. Select the applicable toggle (First Time and/or Returning Client) to display an appointment based on the client's selection.

  • Linked Forms

    • Calendar appointment form - the form selected will be automatically added to the appointment when scheduled in the calendar

    • Online booking form - the form selected will be automatically added to the online booking made by a client

For an Appointment (one off & recurring appointments)
If adding an Appointment product enter the Product Title, Type (Appointment), Appointment Duration (minutes), Cost, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax, and Tax Amount and Product Description. Click Save.

Tip: You can also add the item code for an appointment in the Product Name. e.g. Physiotherapy Initial Consult (500)

For an Appointment Pack (set of appointments)
If adding an Appointment Package enter the Product Title, Type (Appointment Package), Appointment Duration (minutes), Number of appointments in the pack, Package Cost, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax, and Tax Amount. Click Save.

For Classes
If adding an Appointment product enter the Product Title, Type (Appointment), Appointment Duration (minutes), Cost, Maximum Clients, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax, and Tax Amount and Product Description. Click Save.

For a Merchandise Product (usually physical products like water or a yoga mat)
If adding Merchandise enter Product Title, Description, Type (Goods), Price, In Stock (inventory) Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax, and Tax Amount. Click Save.

How to Edit Products

You can edit any products by clicking on the product you want to edit from the product list page, modify and Save.

Once Added -

  • You can see all your products added anytime by going to Settings > Products

  • You can edit your products at any time by clicking on the product you would like to edit

  • After you edit a product, any past sales will not change, but future sales of that product will. i.e. for future price increases sales will be at the new price

  • You can delete products in your products list. Any past sales will not be affected.

  • You can see how many of each product you have sold.

  • For Merchandise you can manage Inventory using the 'In Stock' feature. Add the items in stock and as you sell these items the inventory will be reduced accordingly. When you get new stock in, 'Edit Stock', adjust the inventory and Save.

  • Once you have added a product you can edit them to adjust any of the settings. You might update the name of the product you sell or you've come around to increasing your prices. You can do that at any stage. 

How does BetterHQ handle sales of goods and appointments? What's the difference?

  • BetterHQ manages the sales process differently for appointments and goods.

  • Appointments (single and packs) need to be added to the calendar, once added as an appointment an unpaid sale of this appointment product is added to your list of sales.

  • Merchandise can be added as a sale at the time of paying for an appointment, or by licking on the Add Product Sale button - either in the header or on the sales screen.

Add a New Appointment Type from the Appointment Pop-up Screen

  1. Launch the appointment pop-up screen.

  2. Complete the appointment details.

  3. When selecting the appointment type from the dropdown menu, select the last item named 'Add Appointment'.

  4. The product details page will launch. Complete the new appointment details.

  5. Save. You will then be re-directed back to the appointment pop-up screen to complete your booking.

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