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Add an ID Number to Invoices
Add an ID Number to Invoices

Add ID Numbers that can then be selected to appear on PDF Invoices

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Adding an ID number to your team members page is simple and allows you to send invoices to your clients with all necessary details. Once added, the provider number will be visible on your client invoice. For example, this feature is useful when sending invoices to NDIS, health fund providers, or insurance companies.

To Add a Provider Number to Invoices:

  1. Go to Settings > Team > Team Members

  2. Select the Team Member you would like to add the provider number to OR click 'Add Team Member' if you are adding the details of a new team member.

  3. Go to the subheading labeled 'Provider Numbers'

  4. Enter the ID Name in the corresponding textbox

  5. Enter the ID Number in the corresponding textbox

  6. Select the 'Set as Invoice Default' to set a provider number default.

  7. To add more than one ID number, click the red '+Add ID Number' button. New rows will be added for you to fill in. To remove the added rows click 'Remove'.

  8. Save.

When the Invoice is created this ID Number will be included on the Invoice, or you can update the default provider number to another for that Team Member (if the team member has more than 1 ID number).

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