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Feature Update: New templates for Invoice
Feature Update: New templates for Invoice

Customize your invoice with Better Clinic's new four templates.

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BetterHQ has released its latest feature update that redefines the way business owners manage their invoicing procedures. This enhancement introduces four new invoice templates, giving users more flexibility and options when setting up invoices within the platform. With the introduction of these new invoice templates, BetterHQ is aiming to offer enhanced flexibility, customization, and efficiency to its users, enabling them to generate professional and accurate invoices effortlessly.

  1. Classic Design: A timeless design that exudes professionalism. This template is perfect for users that value a traditional look and feel, with clear sections for itemized billing and personalized notes.

    Sample Invoice for Classic Design

  2. Minimalist Design: For those who prefer a clean and uncluttered design, this template offers a minimalist approach while maintaining all necessary billing information. It's an excellent choice for clinics with a contemporary branding strategy.

  3. Modern Design: It's perfect for practices aiming to convey a sense of modernity while maintaining a strong focus on client care. This template places emphasis on simplicity and readability, making it easier for clients to understand the details of their services and charges.

  4. Traditional Professional: For those who prefer a more traditional approach, the traditional professional template offers a clean layout and well-organized structure to cater to users that prioritize a straightforward invoicing experience, emphasizing essential information and minimizing distractions.

Apart from the pre-designed templates, you can adjust color schemes and upload logos to align with your unique branding.

Accessing the New Invoice Templates

  1. Login: Login to your BetterHQ account using your credentials.

  2. Click Settings: Go to Invoice Settings

  3. Input the necessary information on your invoice.

  4. On the upper right-hand corner, click "Templates"

  5. Click on "Preview Invoice" to have a final look at your selected template.

  6. Once you've found the template that resonates with your practice, simply click "Save" to set it as your invoice template.

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