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Calendar Controls Explained
Calendar Controls Explained

Understand how to move around the calendar with ease

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Viewing your calendar:

  • You can view your Calendar by either Business or Location.

    • The name of your clinic/s is shown in the upper left part of the calendar (It will show different tabs per clinic and an option to view 'ALL').

    • To enable 'ALL' locations view, go to Settings > Calendar > Manage. In the Calendar box, select the toggle 'Include ALL Locations view'.

    • When adding a new appointment from the 'ALL' locations calendar view option, you can add a Default Location to be used.

      • Set a default location by clicking the arrow next to the location drop-down menu on the calendar screen. The reorder calendar locations pop-up will appear. Select the toggle for the location you would like to set as the default booking location. Learn more here.

  • In each Location, you can choose to view the calendar of All Team Members, or select the individual team member’s calendar.

  • You can view the calendar as Today, Day, Week or Month. To set up a default Calendar view, go to Settings > General > Calendar

    • Select your calendar default view. Choose from the dropdown menu 'Day', 'Week or 'Month'.

    • Select what day to start the calendar week on from the dropdown menu.

    • Select the location to display when 'CALENDAR' in the banner is selected from the dropdown menu.

    • Select what days you would like displayed in calendar. Remove days you don't want shown by clicking the x beside the day.

Navigating the Calendar:

  • Just under the clinic name tab is the current date or month (depending on the calendar view chosen). The arrows allow you to back to the previous day, week or month and go forward to the next day, week or month.

  • To access rosters from the calendar page, click 'Rosters' located next to the 'Today, Day, Week, or Month' calendar view options. Here you can access all your team members shifts, availability, and leave. Learn more about Rosters here.

  • When the calendar is in 'Today' or 'Day' view the names of your team members will be listed at the top of the calendar with their schedules in the columns below. By clicking on a team member's name from the calendar page a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to access many features:

    • View Week: The team members' weekly view/schedule

    • Personal Details: This takes you to the team members details screen

    • Set Hours: This takes you to the team members available hours screen (roster)

    • Set Services: Takes you to the team members available products screen, which they can be booked for.

  • Launch various settings directly from the calendar page. Select the 'Settings' drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. Settings include:

    • Calendar Settings

    • Online Booking Settings

    • Add Location

    • Online Booking Link

Details on the left-hand side of the Calendar View:

  • The left-hand panel showing the mini monthly calendar and team member names can be revealed or hidden by clicking the arrow pointing left.

    • 8 months will be displayed on this top left portion of the page. The top 8 months, will show 2 months back, the current month, and 5 months forward. When a month is selected the calendar will update to this month selected.

  • Below the monthly calendar is an option for 'Filter Team' members. ALL is the default view which allows you to see the schedule for all team members. To deselect a team member click the green tick in the box next to their name. If team members are deselected they will be removed from the calendar.

  • You can reorder team members on the calendar, the default order lists your team members alphabetically. In the side panel, under Team Member list, click ‘Reorder’. A popup will show your team members and allow you to place them in the order you would like. Click Save.

  • At the bottom, we have appointment-type filters for Single/Group bookings and appointment payment status Paid/Unpaid.

Status Icons:

  • Within the appointments displayed on the calendar, we have Status Icons to help quickly understand key elements of each appointment.

    • Payment Status of appointment (empty or ticked box)

    • Recurring appointments (circular arrow)

    • Online booking - shows appointments made by clients using the online booking

    • Empty circle - Group Booking, # of clients in class, # of spots available.

    • Full circle - Group Booking full, # of clients in class, no spots available.

    • New - displays when it is the client's first ever appointment - so you know when then attend the clinic you can give them the very best client experience.

Timeline on Today's Calendar View

  • Once you click the 'Today' view, your name and team members names will show per column. Just below the names will be a Notes Icon, if you click this icon there will be a pop-up for you to type a note. Font style and changes will also be available to personalize the note. Hit 'Save' once done.

  • A number will show beside the Notes Icon to show how many appointment/s a specific person has for the day.

  • Hourly schedules from 12AM up to 11PM will show per row on the left side of the page.

  • A person's name will be greyed out if not available at a specific time.

    • It will appear blank if there is no appointment or schedule but may click to add a new appointment.

    • If there is an appointment, time and client name will show and when you click it, further details will appear (if the appointment is paid/unpaid), Edit option is also available. A client note icon can also be clicked and detailed information of the client will pop up.


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