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Link your Clients

Link your clients by their relationship to each other.

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BetterHQ offers a quick and simple way to link your clients. Linking clients makes it easy to determine their familial relationship to one another or any other relationship information that may be of use to your business.

To Link your Clients:

  1. Go to your Clients list.

  2. Click on the name of the client you would like to link.

  3. In the 'Linked Clients' box, click the 'Link Client' button.

  4. In the green search box, search and select the client you would like to link using their name or mobile number.

  5. Click Save.

To Add a Client Relationship:

  1. Once you have linked your client, click on the linking image to the right of the linked clients name. When you hover over the image it should say 'Add Client Relationship'. A pop up screen will appear.

  2. Select the client relationship from the drop down menu or add your own relationship using the '+Add' button.

  3. Click Save


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