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Merging Clients

Merge two clients into one with ease.

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In BetterHQ you have the option to merge clients. This is a good way of organizing your client list in case any duplicate clients appear. Merging clients is simple and easy and ensures you make no booking or calendar errors.

  1. Go here OR to Clients > Clients List

  2. Select the two clients you would like to merge by clicking their respective box on the far right-hand side. Once selected the client boxes will appear blue.

  3. Above the client list three buttons will appear that say 'Delete', 'Archive' or 'Merge'. Click the green 'Merge' button.

  4. Your two selected clients will appear on the screen, select the client that you would like to keep. 'Keep' will then be visible under the client you wish to keep. The notes, appointments, sales or invoices from the other client will be transferred to the client you wish to keep

  5. Click the green 'Merge Selected' button on the top right-hand corner.

  6. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to merge. Click 'yes'.

  7. Your clients will then be merged.


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