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Immediate Notification

Send an Immediate Notification for any new or edited appointments.

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When you add or edit any appointment to your calendar you have the option to also send an immediate notification to your clients.

To Setup Immediate Notifications:

  1. Go to Settings > Messaging > Immediate Notification

  2. Select the 'Enable' toggle to send this Immediate Notification for any new or edited appointments.

  3. Select the 'Message Type; Email, SMS, or Email & SMS. Emails are delivered to the client's email address you have on file. SMS is sent to the mobile number you have on file for that client.

  4. Determine the 'Subject' for your immediate notification. By default 'Confirming your appointment' has been provided for you in the textbox.

  5. Add your immediate notification text to the editor. This is the message that will be displayed when the immediate notification is sent. By default, a message has been provided for you.

  6. Save

The next time you add an appointment to your calendar, your 'Immediate Notification' settings will be included. You can modify these for each appointment and save the changes from the appointment screen. You can also switch them off for clients that don't need them.

Immediate Notifications are a nice customer touchpoint and they will help reduce your no-shows and pump up your customer service.


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