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Archive Clients

Learn how to archive your clients

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Many businesses have hundreds of clients to keep track of and manage. BetterHQ allows you to archive clients that are dormant or that are inactive. The ability to archive your clients is a great way to organise your client list for easy accessibility when booking and searching clients.

To Archive Clients:

  1. Go here or go to the 'Clients' tab

  2. Select the client you would like to archive by clicking the box on the far right hand side in line with their name

  3. Once clicked, 3 buttons will appear at the top of the screen just below the search bar. Click 'Archive' to move the client from active to archived.

  4. To archive more than one client at a time, click the respective boxes to the right of the client's names before clicking the 'Archive' button.

  5. A pop-up box will appear asking 'Are you sure?'. Click the green 'Archive' button.

  6. The selected client's account will now be archived.

To View and Access your Archived Clients:

  1. Go here or go to the 'Clients' tab

  2. On the left-hand side of the green banner, click the drop-down menu on the left hand side. The drop-down menu gives you the option to select 'All', 'Active' or 'Archived'. Select 'Archived' to access the full list of the clients that have been archived.


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