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Customise Online Booking Form
Customise Online Booking Form

Create a custom form for clients to complete when making a booking online.

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You can set up a custom online booking form so you can request information from your new client when they complete an online booking. This means you get to capture all the information you need the first time around, easily. Add fields like Date of Birth, Referrer or any field you want to capture about the client. Here's how:

Add Fields to Online Booking Form

For new clients, you can add custom booking form fields. This allows capture of important client information like Personal Details or Address Details. Create a custom booking form:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Manage.

  3. In the banner, select 'Messaging'.

  4. Click the 'Customise Booking Form' button in the first box under the heading 'Customise booking form'.

  5. This will launch the online booking field options. The first box includes default fields to include. The following boxes display additional fields to include on your online booking form. The last box gives you the option to add custom database fields for your business. To edit or add more custom fields click the pencil icon/manage button on the far right hand side of the box. You can add more categories and edit the current default fields.

  6. On the online booking field options page, to include the suggested field select the tick box on the left hand side, a green tick will appear. To make the field mandatory to complete by clients when booking online, select the tick box on the far right hand side.

  7. Click 'Next'

  8. Order the fields as you want them to appear on the online booking screen. Drag the fields to order.

  9. Save.

  10. Once saved, this form will be included on the Online Booking page and will be completed by clients.

  11. When clients complete the form, the data they enter will be saved against the new client's details record.


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