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Pending Online Bookings

Learn how to confirm and edit online booking appointments.

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Before being able to manage your online booking appointments you must set up the online booking feature in your Better HQ account. You can set up the online booking feature here or by going to Settings > Online Booking > Manage. Our Helpdesk article 'Online Booking' has all the information and instructions you will need to set up your account.

Better HQ makes it easy for clients to book online using your personalised online booking URL. To ensure the appointment details booked by your clients are appropriate for your business, a pending appointment will be created. Your business has the option to decline, confirm or edit the online booking created. You can manage pending online bookings for both existing and new clients.

Edit and Confirm Pending Online Bookings:

  1. On the top right hand side of the calendar page is an 'Online Booking' button. When someone makes an online booking a notification will appear next to the button. Click the 'Online Booking' button to view your pending bookings.

  2. A list of pending bookings will appear. Click the 'Confirm' button to the right of the clients name to edit the booking.

  3. The appointment pop up will appear with the details the client entered when booking online. You have the option to edit the date, duration, locations, team member, appointment type and any other relevant details.

  4. For an existing client you can assign their appointment appointment to their account name. Select “Assign Clients” next to the search bar and select the clients name/account from the list. You can also assign the client by clicking 'Save', you will have the option to save the client as a new client by clicking 'Confirm' or click the 'Assign Client' button.

  5. For a new client click 'Save'.

  6. The client will get an approved confirmation. Before saving, select whether you would like the confirmation to be sent as an SMS, email or Email and SMS.

Confirmed Bookings

To view a list of all your confirmed online bookings:

  1. Click the 'Online Booking' button from the Calendar page.

  2. Use the dropdown menu to change the list of booking's from 'Pending' to 'Confirmed'

  3. For each client booking, the date the appointment was booked and confirmed will be displayed. Click the booking button on the far right hand side to launch the appointment pop-up.

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