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Client Information

Learn how to navigate through the Clients List screen and access Client details.

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Client List

Access your Client List by going to the 'Clients' Tab.

  • To export your client list click CSV or IIF on the top right-hand page

  • To add a new client click the red 'Add Clients' button. Learn more here.

  • Use the first dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner to determine which clients you would like visible. Browse 'ALL', 'ACTIVE' or 'ARCHIVED'. The total number of clients per list will also appear.

  • Use the second dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner to determine how you would like the list of clients to be displayed. You can choose if you would like to view by First name, Last name, Email, Added Date (Oldest or Newest), or Client ID.

  • Use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page to select how many clients will be displayed per page. Options include 15, 25, 50, or 100 items per page.

  • Click on the client's name to be directed to information specific to the client such as address or upcoming appointments.

  • Information displayed

    • 1st column = Client's Name and Date of Birth Below.

    • 2nd column = Status of the client's visit (e.g. RECENT, DORMANT, NEW)

    • 3rd column = Upcoming booking

    • 4th column = Unpaid sales. Will show $0.00 if no unpaid sales.

    • 5th column = Client's mobile number. Will appear blank if the mobile number is not provided.

    • 6th column = Client's email address. Will appear blank if the email address is not provided.

    • 7th column = Icon/s for tags available to a client.

    • 8th column = Avatar of the client or their initials.

    • 9th column = Tick box to delete, archive the client or merge with another client.

Search Clients

  • Search for clients by their name, mobile or Client ID using the search bar in the top right-hand corner.

  • To setup Client ID:

    • Go to Settings > Clients > Enable Client ID

    • Enable an automated Client ID for each of your clients by clicking ON.

    • Simply add a prefix and enable.

    • Once you do, each client will then have this unique Client ID

  • To filter your search, Select 'FILTER' in the top right hand corner. You can filter using 'Tag', alphabetically, client status, activity or lead sources.

    • By default all 3 client statuses are selected.

    • You can de-select these filters to remove clients from the list. The client list will update in real-time based on selection.

    • Click the 'Filter' button to confirm.

Merge Clients

To merge clients, tick the box and click 'Merge'. A new screen will show to merge the clients. Select the client from your shortlisted clients that you would like to keep. Once you have selected the client to keep, click 'Merge' to move any notes, appointments, sales or invoices from clients listed on this screen to the selected client account.

Learn more here.

Individual Client Details

Access individual client details by clicking on a client's name from the client list or directly from a calendar appointment. From the individual client details screen you can access further information by using the corresponding tabs:

  • 'Details' = Personal details, Contact details, Address details, Work details and any additional fields

  • 'Notes' = Text, Templates, Attachments, and Body Charts. Learn more here.

  • 'Invoices' = Client invoices for the particular client.

  • 'Payments' = All payments and dates

  • 'Sales' = Paid and Unpaid sales. All appointment & merchandise sales are listed here (including channels like online booking & POS). Can export invoices from this page.

  • 'Appointments' = Upcoming and past appointment details.

  • 'Messages' = Messages sent to the client and the delivery status.

  • 'Forms' = Forms completed or pending completion.

Re-arrange how your client details are displayed from the client details screen. Simply click the toggle titled 'Edit Mode' below the client's name. Once the toggle is selected, drag and drop the client tiles into your preferred order.

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